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Cladding Compliance [Industry First]

External cladding has been in the news again, with the ABC’s Four Corners investigating the fire risk posed by some aluminium claddings on the outside of buildings.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re ahead of the game.

The highly durable, solid aluminium profile of Urbanline’s Alu Selekta product is considered to be non-combustible in accordance with Clause C1.12(e) of the BCA and permitted to be used where the BCA nominates non-combustible material, as it does not include any composite or honey comb combustible core. It truly is a ‘solid’ aluminium extruded profile.

The flagship Alu Selekta aluminium cladding has also passed the 1530.3 test achieving zero spread of flame for the painted finish, with the certified product now available for architects and builders wanting confidence and peace-of-mind.

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