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Get clear on fire compliant cladding

Our new white paper Fire Compliant Cladding in Australia is essential reading for architects and builders – explaining the infamous apartment fires in Melbourne and London, Australian Senate enquiry recommendations and current standards.

It also details compliant fire cladding products that deliver the certainty you need, now.

Selecting materials to create multi-storey and multi-use buildings requires a balance between cost, aesthetics, efficiency and timeliness – but this should never come at the cost of fire safety.

External cladding can bring a host of benefits to a building but not all cladding is created equal. You must be sure that your cladding provider has met stringent requirements, tests and standards.

Fortunately, all external claddings sold in Australia that do not pass the AS1530.1 fire test must be AS5113 and National Construction Code compliant by March 2018.

However, you don’t have to ‘wait and see’ what’s available as Urbanline’s Euro Selekta Clad is one of the few products that’s already been thoroughly tested and passed. Used together with our non-combustible solid aluminium profile, Alu Selekta cladding for higher floors, you can benefit from the peace of mind that you’re working with fire compliant cladding options.

So, be sure, confident and compliant: download Fire Compliant Cladding in Australia today.

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Euro Selekta has been tested to the requirements of AS5113. The Test Standard used at the time was BS 8414. Additional testing of these requirements are currently underway for reporting purposes only, giving specifiers more clarity when complying with the latest BCA changes.

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