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Alu Selekta

Urbanline Alu Selekta is an innovative new product made from highly durable aluminium. This non-combustible cladding looks just like timber, and works interchangeably with Euro Selekta profiles for a seamless look from top to bottom. Eco-friendly, low maintenance and incredibly durable, it’s ideal for high rises and bushfire rated areas.

Certification: Fire Rating


Features & benefits

  • Sizing


    155mm cover x 18mm thick x 1.8mm body thickness x 5.480mm in length.

  • Non combustible

    Non combustible

    Alu Selekta is AS1530.1 compliant – a non-combustible material.

  • Interchangeable with Euro Selekta

    Interchangeable with Euro Selekta

    Use Alu Selekta for non-combustibility high rise applications and Euro Selekta in more accessible areas including soffits.

  • Installer friendly

    Installer friendly

    Pre-finished profiles and simple fixing system makes for quick and easy installation.

  • Ideal timber substitute

    Ideal timber substitute

    Perfect for use in high-exposure or difficult-to-access areas.

  • Rot and pest proof

    Rot and pest proof

  • Comprehensive 15 Year Warranty

    Comprehensive 15 Year Warranty

    Guaranteed quality and peace of mind. Visit for more information

  • Accessories available

    Accessories available

    Range of smart aluminium trims and accessories available. Ask our helpful staff for more information.

  • Realistic


    Timber grain replica is not blurry or distorted. Sharp pattern is computer generated so no two boards are the same.

  • Low maintenance

    Low maintenance

    Only general cleaning required - a straight forward process for an intelligent designed profile.

  • Sustainable


    Alu Selekta is made from aluminium therefore 100% recyclable product.

  • Diverse looks

    Diverse looks

    Combine colours and groove or batten profiles to create your own unique look.

  • Australian Design Protection

    Australian Design Protection

    Aust. Design Appln. No. 201913574

Colour options

African Ebony

African Ebony



Coast White

Coast White

Dark Cedar

Dark Cedar



Silver Oak

Silver Oak

Ideal uses

  • High rise buildings
  • Refurbishing of commercial buildings
  • Large commercial facades
  • Bushfire prone areas
  • External feature facade cladding for domestic and commercial applications
  • Difficult access areas
  • Low-maintenance substitute for timber feature cladding
  • High-exposure areas
  • Feature facade cladding for multi-storey apartment buildings, where maintenance is difficult
  • Feature cladding for soffits
  • Gable ends

Sizes & Profiles

Profile Name/Code Cover(mm) Thickness (mm) Max Spans (mm) Profile Length (mm) Profile Width(mm) Weight per m2 Weight per sheet (kg) Certification
ALU SELEKTA AS 155 x 18 155 18 625 5480 172 9.3 7.9 Non-combustible
Cover(mm) 155
Thickness (mm) 18
Max Spans (mm) 625
Profile Length (mm) 5480
Profile Width(mm) 172
Weight per m2 9.3
Weight per sheet (kg) 7.9
Certification Non-combustible
Profile Name/Code Cover(mm) Thickness (mm) Max Spans (mm) Profile Length (mm) Profile Width(mm) Weight per m2 Weight per sheet (kg) Certification
BATTEN ESECBP 44 40 625 5480 70 13kg* 6.4 Non-Combustible
Cover(mm) 44
Thickness (mm) 40
Max Spans (mm) 625
Profile Length (mm) 5480
Profile Width(mm) 70
Weight per m2 13kg*
Weight per sheet (kg) 6.4
Certification Non-Combustible
Profile Name/Code Cover(mm) Thickness (mm) Max Spans (mm) Profile Length (mm) Profile Width(mm) Weight per m2 Weight per sheet (kg) Certification
GROOVE ESALT 20 13.4 625 5480 46 10.7kg* 2.4 Non-Combustible
Cover(mm) 20
Thickness (mm) 13.4
Max Spans (mm) 625
Profile Length (mm) 5480
Profile Width(mm) 46
Weight per m2 10.7kg*
Weight per sheet (kg) 2.4
Certification Non-Combustible

* Weight per square metre is with a single Alu Selekta 155 in combination with either a batten or groove strip.

Product Code Description Length (mm)
ASJCP1P Joint Cover Profile 5500
ECET W profile 5500
ECFP Corner Connection profile 5500
ES2PCCA Connection Cover 5500
ES2PCCB Connection Cover 5500
ESALT Altache profile 5500
ESC - Vent Ventilation profile N/A
ESC External External corner profile 5500
ESC Internal Internal corner profile 5500
ESC Internal/External Internal/External corner profiles N/A
ESECB External corner box 5500
ESECBP Castelation batten profile 5500
ESEZP Z profile 5500
ESHSP Horizontal Starter profile 5500


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